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Student Spotlight: New Courses Summer and Fall 2023

The College of Arts and Humanities offers students several new courses during the Summer and Fall semesters of 2023. This summer, students can take Technical Writing (EH 322), a course designed for students of any major who want to learn or improve upon important professional communication skills. This course gives students the opportunity to add to their professional portfolios as it covers generating job documentation, writing appropriate workplace correspondence, and developing proposals. 

During the Fall semester, students can take Literature for Life I: Beginnings to 20th Century (EH 205), in which students will analyze early literary history’s transformative themes and texts. “If you like spooky television shows and stories, this class is perfect!” Additionally, Modern China (HY 420) will be offered, covering the Qing Dynasty to the present and exploring historical themes as well as challenging physical and social atmospheres from these times. Students can also take Latin American Short Story (SH 419), in which students will concentrate on the structure and meaning of the Latin American short story while learning about some of the most renowned writers of Latin America. Lastly, Voice for the Actor (THR 290) is a course aiming to help students expand character and ensemble acting as it will delve into vocal techniques, including character voice, vocal placement, diction, and pronunciation. 

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