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Student Spotlight: Carlie Benefield

Carlie Benefield, a senior majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Military Science, is the Spring 2023 Student Symposium cover designer. 

Tell us about this opportunity and your design. What was your inspiration for the design?

Designing the symposium cover has been a good opportunity to create something for JSU. My inspiration for the design was the local Jacksonville nature and how to intertwine a visual representation of different fields of study with its beauty.

When did you know that JSU was the right school for you?

I knew JSU was the right school for me when I visited campus and interacted with the Coaches, faculty and students. I was sold on JSU when I discovered the community here, and I knew that the people around me would truly care about me and help me to accomplish my goals for college.

What are some benefits of your major?

My major is so much fun because the Art professors are very talented artists themselves, and the different selection of classes keeps the school work fresh and fun, while allowing students to find their strengths within their concentration.

What is your favorite thing about JSU?

I love the people at JSU because our campus overall is very humble and caring. I love the small-town culture of JSU, and I have been able to get to know the community well. The Jacksonville community is always rooting for the students and genuinely cares about our success.

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?

I am a former JSU Cross Country and Track athlete and have been involved with various campus ministries. I am also an ROTC cadet.

What is one way that you have grown during your time at JSU?

College has been a very impactful time in my life, and I have learned from both good and bad. It is easy to get caught in bad habits when your friends are as well, but if you surround yourself with good people who are driven towards success in all aspects of their lives, you can focus on the things that really matter. I am so thankful for my closest friends and roommates who have reminded me that Christ is the most important pursuit of my life, and everything else will fall into place after Him.

What is your favorite course that you have taken?

I have enjoyed so many of my classes. My favorites have been Design II, Figure drawing and the book-making class I am currently taking.

Any recent accomplishments?

This past summer, I was able to complete a Graphic Design internship at a church in Colorado Springs. It was such a great opportunity, and I grew so much in my faith and I also gained the confidence I needed to create designs that I love.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

When I graduate, I will be commissioned into the Army and plan to pursue a graphic design career later in life.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

My favorite theme when creating artwork is birds! I have incorporated birds into many of my designs and love to think of new compositions relating to the theme.

What advice do you have for first-year students?

Get involved! My JSU experience has been great because of the people I have surrounded myself with. I would have missed out on so much fun had I not been very involved in different organizations throughout my time here.

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