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Alumni Angle: Vote for Your Favorite Southerners Program

In preparation for the Marching Southerners’ next show, the past thirty seasons are being reflected upon as 2023 signifies Dr. Kenneth Bodiford’s 30th season directing the Marching Southerners. “As we look into the mirror of time after 30 seasons, the reflection we see is you,” stated a post on the Marching Southerners’ Facebook page, as they invite alumni, students, and friends to help select next year’s show.

The Marching Southerners’ 2023 show, titled REFLECTION, will be decided by those who participate in the online voting. Everyone is encouraged to vote on their favorite pieces from past shows during Dr. Bodiford’s time with the Southerners, and the link for voting is on the Marching Southerners’ social media platforms and website. The invitation to participate in this special show selection includes a list of Marching Southerners programs spanning from 1994 to 2022, with videos of the performances. The results of the vote will determine the Southerners’ next show.

“Once you’ve chosen your all-time favorite Marching Southerners intro, opener, ballerina tune, ballad, and closer, you are ready to help us bring REFLECTION to life.” We hope you will participate in this interactive approach to designing a show by providing your preference for Southerners’ performances.


Alumni Angle

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