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Diversity and Inclusion: New Interdisciplinary Minors Offered

The College of Arts and Humanities is excited to offer students the opportunity to choose two, new, interdisciplinary minors when selecting an area to complement their major. These minors are housed in the Department of History and Foreign Languages, which also houses the interdisciplinary Gender Studies minor.

Students interested in Asian culture and history may opt to minor in Asian Studies. This minor requires a total of eighteen hours. In addition to the World History sequence, Asian Studies minors take four courses focused on Asia. Course selections include art, history, film, or political science.

The HYFL Department also sponsors The Japan Club, which includes Japanese language instruction. Interested students should contact professor Helen Kaibara. JSU also offers an Anime and Cosplay Club and the JSU Korean Entertainment Club.

The HYFL Department also added a minor in Latin American Studies. This minor totals 21 hours, and students may use up to six hours of Spanish language credits, as well as courses in history, Spanish, dance, and political science. The HYFL Department sponsors a Spanish Club, and JSU also offers a student organization named El Latido de Mi Cultura.

Study abroad credits would work for both of these minors. Also, students may count some courses in both general studies and the minor

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