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Alumni Angle: Alumna Active on the Stage and Screen

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Kenli Doss, who graduated in May 2021, is currently enjoying the best of both worlds, working as a feature writer for a prominent media site, while also pursuing a career in acting and directing. “The best part of my job is I work remotely, so I can keep writing while I’m on tour with a theatre company,” she said.

Doss, who double majored in Drama and English, is a feature writer for Grunge, for which she writes articles about a variety of topics spanning current news stories to movie reviews. She recently finished a tour of Romeo and Juliet with The Shakespeare Project, for which she had the opportunity to play a dream role of hers: Juliet.

“I got to make new friends and some pretty cool art all month,” said Doss.

Additionally, she played a modern take on Lady MacBeth in Carmine DiBiase’s film Consider it Not So Deeply. The film was a great success and premiered at the Raleigh Film and Art Festival in North Carolina and also made appearances at the Katonah Classic Stage Film Festival in New York, as well as the Monologues and Poetry International Film Fest. JSU will have its own screening of Consider it Not So Deeply along with other films in the Recital Hall at Mason Hall on September 15th at 7:30 P.M.

Doss gives credit to JSU “for offering me so many real-world opportunities” as well as connections with The Shakespeare Project and friendships she’s made with Mike Boynton, Carolyn Conover, Carmine DiBiase, and everyone else in JSU’s Theatre and English Departments. “They’re good people and even better friends. I’d list every single one of them if I could,” said Doss.

Doss’s favorite memory at JSU is when she played Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was a joint trunk tour with Alpha Psi Omega and The Shakespeare Project. This experience is not only her favorite memory from her time at JSU, but also one of her overall favorite theatrical experiences.

When asked what her favorite class was, she replied, “My favorite class has to be Playwriting/Screenwriting, which, coincidentally, was also taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Mike Boynton!”

She advises current students to take advantage of the freedom they have in college and appreciate the lessons they’re learning because they will take this experience with them for the rest of their lives. “Oh, and keep your textbooks. Trust me,” she offered.

Doss is currently directing a short online play called May Tag, which will screen live on on September 23rd and 24th, and she’s looking forward to playing a role in a UA student film in November called Dying on the Pass as well as the publishing of a short story of hers in Bonemilk II later this year.


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