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Featured Faculty : Clint Gillespie

Clint Gillespie, originally from Carrollton, GA, is the Associate Director of Bands and Instructor of Music. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Music Education. This summer, he had the honor of being inducted into the Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps Hall of Fame.

Gillespie, currently in his 24th year at JSU, teaches the JSU Marching Southerners, the JSU Drumline, and the JSU Wind Ensemble, as well as applied percussion lessons. Although he does not have a favorite course because he enjoys teaching all of them, he does have a favorite part of his job and the music department: the people. He enjoys working with the band and the music faculty and getting to know the students, as he watches them progress as players, students, and people.

“It is a joy to watch them work hard to accomplish a task or skill,” said Gillespie. “It is always fun to watch the students perform and make the music come to life!”

One JSU Marching Southerner accomplishment that Gillespie had the opportunity to proudly watch was recognition of their important contributions to the advancement of musical and performance standards when they were awarded the distinguished Sudler Trophy this year. The official presentation of the award will be made at the home football game on November 12th.

Additionally, he has had the opportunity to watch the JSU drumline win the Percussive Arts Society’s International College Drumline Competition. This year, with 11 snare drums, 9 multi-tenor drums, 7 basses, 12 cymbals, 8 marimbas, 8 vibraphones, 1 xylophone, 2 bells, 1 drum set, and 2 synthesizers, the percussion section of the Southerners will have a total of sixty-one students marching, as well as six students helping with the mixing and operation of the sound system.

Last Saturday, the Southerners held Band Day, where they had the opportunity to encourage and mentor young high school band students as they got to “be a Marching Southerner for a day” and perform with the Marching Southerners. This year’s event had around 1000 high school students, which is smaller than usual due to stadium renovations.

In his spare time, Gillespie mountain bikes, travels, and spends time with his friends and family.

When asked what advice he would give his students, he said learn and practice good time management.

“It is important not only to attend class, but to save time for homework, practicing your instrument, and maintaining a healthy social life,” advised Gillespie

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