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Featured Staff: College of Arts and Humanities Advisors and Career Specialist

This summer, JSU implemented centralized advising, so that students will have access to professional advisors dedicated to working with students as they progress through the curriculum to graduation. New students who started at JSU this Fall have been assigned to these new advisors, and students who change their major will also have the new advisors. As part of this change, Barbara Cook, who worked with College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) students in other capacities, has become the Senior Lead Advisor for the college. And the college is welcoming three new advisors this Fall.

Matt Hill, Mike Long, and Casey Maples will be joining Senior Lead Advisor Cook in advising CAH students. With this new system, those majoring in Art, English, Film, French, History, Integrated Studies, Music, Spanish, and Theatre can receive assistance from any of the CAH advisors.

Cook said, “With centralized advisement, students have year-round access to a team of advisors who can support them with academic needs and familiarize them with all of the campus resources that are available.”

Another recent change is college-specific career specialists, and new to CAH in that role is Emily Duncan, who is available to assist students as they prepare for internships, graduate school, or a career. She is planning several career-focused events for students and is also available to provide workshops and presentations in classes.

“Many of our Arts & Humanities majors have unlimited options after graduation, so it’s important to help them determine and map the route they wish to take, supporting them along the way,” stated Duncan. “Whether that is conveyed through resumes and interviews or the experiential work they gain while a student, we are here to make them feel equipped and confident in their pursuits. “

CAH welcomes these new staff members.


Featured Staff

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