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Featured Faculty: Dr. Casey Thomas


Casey Thomas

Assistant Professor  

Trombone and Sackbut 

Dr. Casey Thomas knows “The Friendliest Campus in the South” very well, being the sixth family member to attend JSU. Thomas stated that, “Returning to teach here has been both surreal and extremely rewarding because I really feel like I understand our students, where they’re coming from, and what they’re trying to accomplish.”  He teaches applied lessons, “Class Brass” (brass pedagogy for future band directors), Brass Choir, and Trombone Choir.   

During his brief time so far at JSU, Thomas has participated in the presentations provided by the Faculty Commons. “I would encourage all fellow faculty to participate,” said Thomas. “Outside of JSU, I direct the Broad Street Brass Band, based out of Rome, Georgia. It is like a Friday night downtown gazebo concert during the 1920’s (before radio and way before Elvis).”  

Thomas is the proud owner of the sheet music publishing company, Potenza Music (, and through this company he is in the process of publishing arrangements. Beyond his own pieces, Potenza has brought to market in the past three years 200+ new works for woodwinds and brass, from solo pieces and chamber works to large ensemble music, such as wind bands and orchestras, and even solo recordings. He also owns three sheet music and accessories online stores (, and 

In his spare time, Thomas loves reading historical non-fiction, spending time with his wife Teresa, watching Atlanta professional sports teams by-and-large choke, and cranking up his father’s 1952 Dodge Coronet and his 1961 Buick Invicta, both of which they restored.  



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