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Diversity and Inclusion: Dr. Yuliya Minets

Have you ever thought about learning Latin or ancient Greek? Have you ever started learning these languages on your own, but then could not stay on track and make much progress without a supportive group working together, regular meetings, and instructor’s feedback?  

Dr. Minets (Dept. of History and Foreign Languages) plans to organize a Latin (and, if there is enough interest, ancient Greek) reading group for enthusiasts from current JSU students and recent graduates starting in January 2021.  

We especially invite those who have some previous experience with these languages and are interested to continue, but all levels are welcome. The group will meet approximately once a week for an hour or an hour and a half, at a time convenient for participants, via Teams or in person. We will start reading simple texts and then adjust the level of difficulty as needed. The purpose is to have a supportive circle of like-minded friends who meet regularly to read and translate Latin and/or Greek together, exchange ideas, and help each other to succeed in studying ancient languages.  

Dr. Minets joined the History and Foreign Languages Department in August 2020 as an assistant professor. Her area of expertise is ancient history, and she teaches general studies survey courses, as well as upper-level courses in Greek and Roman history.

Please, contact Dr. Minets ( if you are interested to join the language group or have any questions. More information will be sent.   



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