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Featured Faculty: Eryn Oft

Eryn Oft is an Instructor of Double Reeds and Music History. Her specialization is in Bassoon Performance, and she just released an album titled Eryn Oft: Out of the Box.

Where are you from and how long have you been at JSU?

I have been at JSU for 13 years. I am originally from Portland, Oregon. 

Where would be your dream vacation? 

My dream vacation is hiking and antiquing in Asheville, NC. I try to go every couple of years.

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

I like to quilt. I do English Paper Piecing (a form of hand quilting). I am a yogini, and I repair old, sad bassoons. 

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a dachshund. Her name is Coco and she is a senior sausage, although you wouldn’t know it from her attitude. She’s timeless, even if she has a bit of gray fur.

What is your favorite class to teach, and why? 

I do not have a favorite class. I love them all for different reasons and I love that there is a variety—each class is unique and the classes have personality. 

Did you always plan on teaching?

I always knew teaching would be part of the music business I would be involved in. I began teaching music lessons while I was still in high school. 

Do you have a favorite musician? 

My dream mash up:  to have a jam session with Mozart, Prince, and Ravi Shankar. 

Do you sponsor any clubs or organizations? 

I am an SAI Friend of Music.

What do you love most about working at JSU?

The students! 

What music are you currently working on?
I am currently continuing research for my YouTube Channel. I have reviews planned in conjunction with several artists and businesses. Bassoon is such a rare instrument that cultivating an online presence and community helps us all! 

Do you have any recent work you would like to have featured? 

Yes, I have one album and a couple of singles released. The album Eryn Oft Out of the Box and Shadow Tracks are linked down below. They were a collaborative project with James Woodward, faculty at JSU, artists at JSU and visiting and friends from my YouTube channel from around the world. YouTube subscribers submitted folk music from their location and then we arranged it for solo bassoon, recorded it, and gave it back to our YouTube friends. 

Hear Eryn on her Recently Released Albums 

Eryn Oft: Out of the Box or Shadow Tracks

Available Now on Spotify and iTunes



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